One Day Tour Pattaya

Pattaya is not just bars and beaches, and bars on beaches. Our beautiful city and its surrounds have so much to offer for the day tripper in us all. Pattaya Central has some of the very best one day tour adventures for you and your travelling party to enjoy. There are some of the finest golf courses, richest fishing grounds and incredible diving opportunities in Thailand right here on our doorstep. If you are looking for some adrenalin-packed adventure, Pattaya Central can help you zip-line or off-road your way to happy town! There’s plenty to do if you have some small travellers with you, as Pattaya is home to some of Thailand’s best and most fun amusements – from animal adventures to water parks. So if you are looking for a day of excitement and adventure, and still be back in time to enjoy Pattaya’s other attractions, come and see us at Pattaya Central for some one day-tripping fun.