Amazon Fishing Pattaya


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Activity Details

Amazon Fishing Pattaya

Do you enjoy fishing? Want to get on the end of a rod and reel while you’re in Pattaya, but are looking for something a little different? Well, Amazon Fishing Park, located 11km south of Pattaya, has that and more.

Fishing is an important activity in Thai culture, and one of the most popular activities for Thai people and tourists alike. The promise of catching an elusive mega-fish draws many people to Thailand every year. One of the finest sport fishing parks in Pattaya, Amazon Fishing Park has an incredible array of native fish species for you and your fellow anglers to catch. You may just get the chance to catch one of those mega-fish!

Just a few of the species that you may just catch at Amazon include:

·         Alligator Gar-Fish

·         Red-tail Mystus

·         Great White Shearfish

An experience catching these creatures of the deep in the wild would cost you a pretty penny (or beautiful baht), but with a day out at Amazon Fishing Park, you can have the premium experience at a perfect price. The wonderful staff at the park will do all that they can to ensure that you and your fellow travellers have a fantastic day. They will set up your line, keep you fed and watered….let’s face it, you won’t have to do a thing!

From the greenest newbie to the most experienced of anglers, there is a challenge at Amazon Fishing Park for you.

As always, your tour, booked with Pattaya Central, will include transfers to and from the park. The price of admission to Amazon Fishing Park will also include ALL of your fishing equipment, a delicious meal and refreshments. Don’t forget, there are no hidden extras or mystery charges with us at Pattaya Central.


Hotel pickup and drop off


Arapaima fish,


Tiger fish,

Alligator gar fish,

Red-tailed tiger fish,

Arowana fish,

Pacu fish,

Sea-bass fish,

Spotted featherback fish,

Great white sheatfish,

Giant pangastus fish,

Red-tail mystus


Fishing equipment


English speaking guide


 Duration of Tour

7 Hrs


 Tour Times






What to bring




Personal Expenses for drinks, snacks, and tips

Own gear (optional)


Fitness Level Required


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Full Price 4500 ฿

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